Wittus Cubic Series

Product Type: Free Standing Wood Stove
Brand: Wittus

The Cubic series by Wittus represents a new generation of wood stoves. There are seven models of varying sizes and dimensions, with a diverse range to choose from. Some are floor models while others mount on a wall. These wood stoves were designed by a Danish architect and add a tremendous amount of aesthetic and artistic appeal to any home. More sculpted than manufactured, the Wittus Cubic series utilizes a highly efficient fire box that is EPA certified. This is the perfect green wood burning solution because of its high fuel efficiency, high combustion temperatures and lower atmosphere emissions than many other wood stoves. There is a lot of functionality to this attractive wood stove, including a thermal air wash that constantly keeps the glass door clean and soot free. This series has many models that have a convenient wood holder built into the unit for easy access.

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