Wittus Shaker Stoves

Product Type: Free Standing Wood Stove
Brand: Wittus

Wittus Shaker Stoves blend a classical design with a contemporary sensibility. Available in long or short bench models, it has the cozy feel of a fireplace and can blend in nicely with a diverse range of design schemes. Its small size makes it ideal for a living room or a living area that is short on space. The unit is constructed of solid black steel, and comes with either a short bench with a shelf under the door or a long bench which allows people to sit comfortably and view the fire through the glass-paned door. You have the choice of getting a unit with a left or right loading door and a top or back vent. These wood stoves will provide hours or warmth and comfort in any home and are well crafted and designed by award-winning designers. Wittus Shaker Stoves are a step up in wood stoves and offer an appeal that has to be seen to be believed.

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