Wittus Softline Series

Product Type: Free Standing Wood Stove
Brand: Wittus

The Wittus Softline series features a gently curved design which is accented by quality soapstone or gray or matte black steel. This beautiful wood stove really highlights a room and does its job of keeping a space warm and cozy while providing the proper atmosphere to a room. There is a storage space underneath the stove that is perfect for fire tools or kindling, and keeps these things out of view until they are needed. There is both a wall model and a corner model available. Users can customize this series to their particular taste, and the soapstone models are particularly handsome and go well with many different decorating schemes. You can regulate the fire with an easy remote control which allows you to control intensity and temperature at the touch of a button. The Wittus Softline series offers a unique form married to efficient functionality.

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