Drolet Escape 1400-I

Product Type: Fireplace Insert Wood Stove
Brand: Drolet

Wood fireplace insert stove fits into the fireplace and provides heating using a blower. Also has a glass window for a clear view of burning fire. The unit features:

  • heat capacity: 65,000 BTU
  • heat-activated 130 CFM blower 
  • Air-wash system 
  • Tested by OMNI as per applicable standards (CSA/UL/ULC and/or others)
  • Accepts logs up to 18" in length
  • cast-iron door with air washed glass window
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Test standard - safety ULC-628 , UL 1482
  • Test standard - emissions E.P.A. Method 28


  1. Anonymous Says:

    I was a bit skeptical at first. but since I started using my insert I am truly amazed of how well it heats the house. I bought it from Costco and it was delivered right to my door with a 6" Stainless Steel Chimney insert.
    I have a 2272 sq feet house and when I am burning wood in my insert the natural gas furnace doesn't turn on. I live in Northern British Columbia Canada and sometime we run out of power so this unit becomes very handy.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    I purchased my Drolet 1400 from Northern Tool, three years ago. We have a 3,000 SF house. When it is not below 20F outside, this stove, when burning hot, keeps the furnace from kicking on at all - if we keep a couple of less frequenly used rooms closed up. When burning less-dense wood, you will have to restoke the fire in the middle of the night to get an all-night burn. This winter we've been burning almost continuously. When we lost gas service here in New Mexico, this stove kept the house from freezing up. I am very pleased with this unit for the money. The only complaints that I have are completely minor. Here they are: 1) some of the paint is flaking off the front (not the door - and I did follow the instructions for a "bake in" burn before heavy use). 2) The handle seems to sometimes get jammed up and require a bit of effort to open the door - but has never failed - too bad it can't be greased... 3) The thermal control for the blower fan burned out this year - being handy with electricity, I recognized the problem and have temporarily bypassed that part until I get a replacement from an eBay auction. Regardless, I feel that I've truly gotten my money's worth with this stove. Since my source of wood is free to me, it has already paid for itself in reduced natural gas bills. I stay in good shape splitting wood in the springtime. CHEERS

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Open fireplaces provide a cozy atmosphere, but turn a mere 5% of that wood to usable heat. Install this Drolet +75% efficient fireplace insert and you'll wonder how you survived without it. This is a great simple fireplace insert with a simple black painted exterior that blends well with contemporary or rustic decor. The air washed glass door provides a nice view of the vibrant flame while the 130 cubic feet per minute fan throws enough heat to warm a 1500+ square foot space, or supplement your existing furnace. Made in North America from heavy steel plate, this unit offers simple operation and a clean non-catalytic burn (be sure to follow instructions for proper burning techniques). While not as ornate or accessorized as other stoves, this unit provides an economical robust construction with simple lines that will please most people looking for a guilt free means to once again enjoy a cozy fire in their fireplace or cut back on their fossil fuel consumption. Don’t forget to complete your installation with a 6-inch chimney liner kit (or direct connect) and a proper fitting surround face-plate.

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