Napoleon Woodburning Insert EPI-1402

Product Type: Fireplace Insert Wood Stove
Brand: Napoleon

Woodburning fireplace insert that is both elegant and efficient provides heating for single family homes. Not approved for mobile homes. The EPI-1101P unit features:  

  • Easy operation
  • Single lever burn control for primary and secondary air
  • clean burn. 
  • 9-hour burn time
  • Capable of pulling combustion air from outside  
  • Air washed glass window allows view of fire
  • Includes 2 "WHISPER QUIET" heat circulating blowers
  • Refractory lined firebox
  • Non-catalytic high tech design
  • 6" flue
  • Accepts logs up to 18" in length
  • Color options: black, almond, green
  • Heats 1,000-2,000 square feet
  • Heating capacities: 11,400-70,000 BTU
  • Meets EPA Phase 2 1990 test Standards
  • 4.1 g/hour below Washington State DEQ Phase 3
  • Secondary air tube insulated by ceramic fiber, with stainless steel cover plate
  • President's Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • R-2000 approved (Canada)


  1. Anonymous Says:

    We purchased the 1402 and ever since it was installed, regardless of how hot the fire is, the blowers cycle on and off every minute or two. The dealer replaced the heat disc to see if this was the problem but it continues to cycle. The dealer is now telling me that this is how it is supposed to function. Could someone else who owns this insert let me know if their's cycles on and off as well?

  2. Anonymous Says:

    No, they are definitely not supposed to do that. My blowers function correctly and, provided the fire is hot enough, will run for many hours until the unit cools down. I am surprised that changing the disc didn't help.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    We invested a great deal in a wood stove fireplace insert from a company that we though had a very solid reputation. Unfortunately, we failed. Our unit is three years old and we are on our third blower unit. Each repair has been $320 and the independent service reps have no clue why they keep failing. Additionally, Napoleon's customer service is completely curt and unhelpful when we contacted the directly. Don't go near this company. We have a second wood stove fireplace insert from Quadra-Fire and it has run flawlessly.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    bought fans off ebays a lot cheaper price and they use less wtts to run but, got 50 cfm more

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Excellent stove. Bought mine used and am going into my 3rd season with it. It heats my entire 1600 sqft house. Still using the original wafers. They will last a long time as long as you burn properly seasoned wood and don't damage them when you load up the stove with wood. I can get an honest 4-6 hrs of visible fire with an additional 1-3 hrs of heat producing embers. Blowers need to be removed and cleaned/oiled every year to extend life. I run them a lot when its really cold. Very complete burn via the waste ash is like a powder when removed. Use a temp gauge on top and known seasoned hardwoods (2yrs) for best results and don't over-fire/overheat, the blowers don't like that nor does the stove itself. Occasionally I run it hot for a few minutes to clean/burn off any soot from the glass and flue pipe.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    forgot to mention that the fans are not really "whisper quiet" but they do pump out some cfm's.

  7. Anonymous Says:

    I haven't had any opportunity to deal with customer service, but I put a new 1402 in my Cleveland area house in Spring 2007. I've been through 3 burning seasons and burn about 2.5 true cords per winter. I did have to replace one blower, but I suspect that is because I let the stove get too hot one time and it burned out the thermostat that turns off the blowers when the stove cools, so the blower ran too much. It was an easy replacement and my dealer gave me the fan for free (also gave me the $15 part for the thermostat, which took 10mins to replace. Haven't needed to replace the ceramic baffles after close to 10 cords of wood burned!

    I wouldn't call the blowers "whisper quiet" but they aren't too bad. It's not easy to get 18" logs into this stove without going diagonal. 16" works a whole lot better.

    What I like best about the stove is that I can control the air pretty well. Wide open burns a nice hot fire to warm the house and clean the glass, and I can turn it down pretty well at night so there are coals in the morning. It's a really good stove.

    November 2010

  8. Anonymous Says:

    Hello Everyone:

    My suggestion to you would to stay away from Napoleon all together. I bought my insert 3 years ago and since then the stove has gone through 6 blower motors at over $300 per motor and countless sets of waffle boards in the top of the stove.

    I have tried to deal through the dealership and through Wolf Steel themselves. All I get is the same runaround, there is nothing wrong with our stove. What a crop of crap, so they are basically telling me to go screw myself and it's not there problem.

    I am now pulling the stove out of my house and now looking at anything but Napoleon.

    Just a little advice for everyone thinking of buying this piece of crap product and even worse customer support.

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