Continental Fireplaces C1400L

Product Type: Free Standing Wood Stove
Brand: Continental Fireplaces

Woodburning stove that is both elegantly decorative and energy efficient. For use in single- and multi-family homes, as well as mobile homes. The C1400L unit features: 

  • 9-hour burn time per fueling
  • Easy operation
  • Single lever burn control for primary and secondary air
  • Clean burn
  • Capable of pulling combustion air from outside  
  • Wraparound side shields
  • Air washed glass window
  • Large ash dump with folding lid
  • 6" flue
  • Secondary air tube insulated with ceramic fiber and a stainless steel cover plate
  • Easy installation of ceramic fiber lining in firebox
  • Non-catalytic high tech design
  • President's Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Meets EPA regulations to the 1992 test Standards
  • 3.7g/hour emissions below Washington State DEQ Phase 3
  • Heats 1,000-2,000 square feet
  • Heating capacities: 11,400-70,000 BTU
  • Accepts logs up to 18" in length
  • Mobile home approved
  • R-2000 Approved (Canada)

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