Osburn Wood Stove 1500

Product Type: Free Standing Wood Stove
Brand: Osburn

 Wood burning stove provides heating for single family homes. Also approved for mobile homes. The unit features:

  • Heats up to 500 to 1,500 square feet
  • Accepts logs up to 19" in length
  • Adjustable handle
  • Stainless steel baffle
  • Blower
  • Air washed glass window allows view of the fire 
  • Heavy duty cast iron door
  • Ash drawer with safety lid
  • Heating capacities: 55,000 BTU  
  • Mobile home approved
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Comments

    1. Anonymous Says:

      Shopping online can often be as risky as gambling, especially with a merchant you've never purchased from before. Dynamite Buys had the best selection and best price for the item I was interested in. They kept in touch with me about the status of the order and even though it was backordered, they didn't forget me, and the personal fireplace was shipped and arrived in perfect condition. I'm extremely pleased with this transaction. They have a customer for life now, and I'll be telling everyone who asks about my beautiful personal fireplace where I bought it. Outstanding service. Thank you!

    2. Anonymous Says:

      i recently bought the osburn 1500, i am not happy with it, i bought the stove from dynamite buys and i would not recomend them to any one, the service is horrible and when i recieve my stoves it was dented and all scratched, and they also will do nothing to help with the problems

    3. Anonymous Says:

      We are most unhappy with the Osburn 1500 wood stove bought in late November. It smokes and/or fumes every time we open the door to add a log even when it is burning very hot. We were told to open the door very slowly.Have tried this. We can not open it any slower, and it still smokes. We do have a smaller Osburn wood stove in our den which is an insert type. It performs better than the newer free standing model. The smoke and fumes also were giving my wife headaches. The 1500 is now sitting unused and we are using our oil furnace. We bought this stove because it was recommended to us, and because we wished to save money on our oil bills. So much for that.

      Please advise as to what we can do about this as it is presently unuseable.

      Yours truly

      Don Martin
      Shelburne Nova Scotia

    4. Anonymous Says:

      You did not say if your old working unit was as good as the newer one. Draft has to be good to make a well controlled burning unit work efficiently. Perhaps your older, smaller one is not so demanding.

      If this is the case you need to check the draft and the height and position of your chimney stack. If there is a light breeze outside does the stove such in smoke from a burning newspaper ball or does it roll out through the open door. If it rolls out the problem is with your chimney, not your stove. I am surprised your retailer has been no help to you.

      Suggest you call out your local chimney expert and pay him to go over your setup.

      By the way, whoever advised you to open the door slowly to improve draft needs to be stayed away from. They haven't a clue.

      Hope this helps.

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