Osburn Wood Stove 1800

Product Type: Free Standing Wood Stove
Brand: Osburn

 Wood burning stove provides heating for single family homes. Three-sided view of the fire through ceramic glass windows. Also approved for mobile homes. The unit features:

  • Heats up to 500 to 1,800 square feet
  • Accepts logs up to 16" in length
  • Adjustable handle
  • Air washed glass window allows view of the fire 
  • Ash drawer with safety lid
  • Heating capacities: 45,000 BTU  
  • Mobile home approved
  • EPA approved (Method 28)
  • Meets Safety Standards ULC S-627, UL 1482
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Comments

    1. Anonymous Says:

      Where to start. When the stove arrived the blower motor wasn't even attached to the blower housing, it was just rattling around inside. We had to fix that before we could even get started installing. After installing and leveling, the bottom of the door still rubs on the top of the blower housing, leaving a very visible gouge.
      Like many have said, the firebox is very small. You need wood around 12" in length, 15" max. I've had to go back and cut a lot of wood smaller so it will burn.
      Cleaning is a nightmare. To clean you need to remove the baffles and insulation inside the stove. The only way to see the cotter pins and remove them is to stick you head inside the firebox with a flashlight and straighten them out. Why they used pins is beyond me, there are many better ways to do it. After you remove the 3 baffles you then drop the insulation and bricks, which are fragile. You will almost certainly damage them. Getting them back after cleaning is even worse. You need 3 arms to support everything and you will probably damage or destroy most of the insulation in the process.
      The door glass never stays clean, their claim that circulating air keeps the glass clean is just an outright lie. You get clear class for a few hours and then that's it. Plan on keeping razor blades and cleaner handy if you actually want to see your fire.
      Very sorry I ever bought Osburn.

    2. Anonymous Says:

      We've had an Osburn 1800 woodstove for more than a year (our second winter). We are satisfied with the heating performance of the stove but have constantly had problems with keeping the glass clean. The air wash simply does not seem to work. The braid is also getting loose on one side but this doesn't seem to be the source of our problem. We have been burning good dry wood for most of the time but what ever we tried, we have had to clean the glass (which is one of the main features of this model) every day as more than half of the surface gets black after one day. Is that a problem with all Osburn 1800 stoves or did we get a lemon? Neither the company or the retailer have been very helpful. We would like to hear more from other Osburn 1800 owners. Our email is macmarwa@gmail.com.

    3. Anonymous Says:

      We had an Osburn 1800 Wood burning insert installed this fall and we are very disappointed with it's heating performance. This model is apparently rated at 65k BTU, with the ability to heat between 500-1800sqft. Our entire home is 1400sqft. This stove does little more than heat the 13'by13' room it is sitting in. The blower barely seems to send more than a "draft" of air out of the top. My brother has a Lennox Legacy that is rated at 75k BTU and his insert burns VERY hot and heats his entire 2000sqft home. I feel like this Osburn 1800 was a terrible waist of money because my wife and I still have to burn oil despite keeping it burning night and day. Awaiting the installer to come take a look and I will also be contacting Osburn this week.

    4. Anonymous Says:

      Any news on your results? We have an 1800 also and have the same problem with keeping the glass clean, and output.
      The one thing I hate the most is fighting with getting the baffle out each year when cleaning it. If someone has a better technique to getting the baffle extension out after removing the three pipes, I would love to hear how others do it.


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